Fr David with the Pope

Revd David Camilleri

I was born on the Mediterranean island of Malta. My parents’ names were the late Edward and Josephine.

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PPC Meeting

Key Individuals

If you would like to get in touch with the Parish, here are some key individuals that you may wish to contact.

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Image of stained glass windows

Parish History

A brief history of St James the Great, 1937 – 1946 Catholics have worshipped in Petts Wood since 1937 and in a variety of venues.

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Cancelled –> Season of Creation – 22nd September – Click Season of Creation Ecumenical Service Advert for details.

Evangelisation Workshop – 16th October – Click Evangelisation Workshop Invite and here for details.

Dear Parishioners,

Just a quick reminder of a change in Mass times:

As from 6th September, the 10am Monday morning Mass will resume.
As from 12th September, the 11.30am Sunday Mass time will change to 11am.

St James the Great
Parish Office

Children’s Liturgy Update – Click Here

It is felt by the Communications Pillar that the existing Newsletter, “Briefly” is too long, repetitive each week and is not achieving the objective of keeping the Parish fully informed. Because of it’s length, there is a possibility that the important information incorporated within the newsletter may not be read and, therefore, missed.

In addition, it is felt that the newsletter is uninteresting, lacks imagination and the format makes it difficult to see what is important from the individual parishioner’s perspective.

We, therefore, feel that a new invigorating newsletter is needed and in order to produce such a newsletter we would like to have your feedback on how you feel the existing newsletter can be improved both, visually and the information it provides.

As a Communications Pillar, we have given a lot of thought on how the Newsletter can meet the requirements of the Parish going forward and our initial thoughts are that it should be in the following format:-

        • A Monthly Newsletter which will be colourful, informative and will cover all aspects of our parish community.
        • Each pillar will have its own section and will provide appropriate information and updates on a regular basis.
        • More extensive information regarding parish events, Groups, Ministries and Youth Matters will be provided.
        • The Newsletter will be more inclusive and include a Parishioners comments Section.

In addition:

        • A Weekly Newsletter which will only cover “Fr David’s Says”, the mass details and intentions and what is happening in the parish during the forthcoming week.

We value your thoughts  and comments tremendously and, therefore, ask you to complete the attached questionnaire.


Please contact the Parish on 01689 827100 or