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The Liturgy Leadership Pillar meets four times a year. Team members meet to plan the various celebrations throughout the liturgical year. Of particular importance are the main liturgical feasts of Advent, Christmas, and Lent and the Easter Triduum. The team also holds separate meetings to discuss their respective ministries within the parish in order to enhance the liturgical celebrations and thus help the congregation to experience the sense of the Sacred in our world in the best possible way.

The team’s responsibilities include

  1. Recruiting, training and supervising Liturgical Ministers
  2. Planning Liturgies and special services
  3. Educating the community on Liturgical issues
  4. Assisting the Arts and Environment Committee in planning the Liturgical environment when necessary.
  5. Organising Music Ministry days.

What do we do?

  1. Arts, Environment and Flowers provide an attractive environment during the seasons of the liturgical year. This Ministry creates a welcoming, prayerful environment in each liturgical season, done in collaboration with other ministries to ensure unified themes to reflect and coincide with the Word.  We are dedicated to spreading God’s word through visual expression.  All are welcome to join in creating an appealing prayerful worship space.
  2. Welcomers meet and welcome people coming into church. They assist persons with special needs, hand out Briefly, seat visitors, and see to the queries of those who attend our Masses and other services.
  3. Readers proclaim the Word during Masses and other services. The first reader carries in the Book of the Gospels and proclaims the first reading and the psalm whilst the second reader proclaims the second reading and reads the General Intercessions.
  4. Eucharistic Ministers distribute Holy Communion during Mass and for the sick, housebound and hospital.
  5. The Music Ministry is composed of organists, pianists, various instrumentalists, cantors and the choir. Music at Masses and other services enhance worship.
  6. Leaders and Helpers of the Children’s Liturgy present the Word of God to children aged 3-7 during the first half of the 9.15am Mass on Sundays, making it more meaningful and engaging to the young ones through stories and craft. Children process from church to the Community Centre after the initial blessing, and they are brought back to the church to join their families just before the offertory procession.
  7. Sacristans prepare for the Mass, assist the priest with special instructions and put items away after Mass.
  8. Altar Servers assist the priest during Mass and other liturgical events. Servers must have made their First Holy Communion.
  9. Collectors take up the collection during the Masses.
  10. Altar carers launder and maintain altar linens, towels and other materials.
  11. Cleaners make sure that the church is kept clean.

If you feel that you can be part of any of these important ministries within our parish, please speak to Fr David or the Parish Office. Training is provided where necessary.


The Liturgy Pillar serves the St James’ community by planning liturgies and encouraging parishioners to use their gifts to enhance our prayer and worship.


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