Re-Opening for Individual Private Prayer

Enjoy the Welcome Video from the Parish!

As you will, no doubt, be aware, approval has now been given by our Government to re-open our church and the first phase of regathering will be for individual private prayer only.

With effect from 30th June, the church will be open on Tuesday and Thursday each week for individual private prayer.  The timings will be 11AM until 1PM on Tuesdays, with the first hour being allocated to the elderly of the Parish only, and 3PM until 5PM on Thursdays.

We will be excited to welcome you back to the church, initially being for individual private prayer only, however, we want to share with you a few procedures to ensure that we look after everyone’s wellbeing and that we keep everyone safe and healthy.

While we are in this beginning phase of regathering, the Sunday Mass obligation remains suspended in the diocese and, for those who do not attend Mass, please know that God’s infinite grace and mercy remain abundantly available.

Please ensure that before coming to church that you are sure that you or anyone in your family isn’t sick. If you have a fever or cough, then we kindly ask that you stay at home. In addition, if you are vulnerable to COVID-19 or live with someone who is vulnerable, we ask that you please stay at home and continue to participate in our live streaming services.

Also, before leaving home please make sure that you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. We strongly encourage you to bring with you a personal face mask or face covering. Masks or face coverings are highly encouraged for everyone aged 5 and over while in church and while you are on the church property.

If you would like to attend, you will be entering St James the Great church through the main Lakeswood Road entrance door.  If you have arrived by car, we encourage you to park in the church car park and before exiting your car, we ask you to place your mask or face covering on your face. Suitable markings will be placed in the car park and we ask that you observe 6 feet of social distancing as you wait to enter the church. The church doors will open immediately prior to the commencement of the private prayer and we ask that you arrive early to allow time to be seated.

Personal belongings should be either left at home or in your vehicle.

We will keep the entrance doors propped open so that you don’t have to touch any handles. Once you are met by a steward you will be invited into the church and they will ask you to utilize the hand sanitiser station, after which they will then take you to your seat, with certain sections being seated first.

Please note that the Pews will be duly marked in accordance with social distancing in order to allow maximum attendance whilst still maintaining the 6 feet distancing. Since the benches will now only allow for a small number of seats, larger families may be asked to sit in separate rows. Please do not move seats whilst in the church or move the pews, so that we can maintain the six feet distancing for our parish services.

We also would advise you that the toilets will be locked. However, in an emergency please speak with a steward who will arrange the facility to be opened in exceptional circumstances.

Due to the expected number of parishioners wanting to take part in private prayer, you will, therefore, need to book a 15-minute session via the Parish Office. At the conclusion of your session, please wait for a steward to escort you from your seat and we ask that you leave the church via the doors on the presbytery side of the building. Please ensure that you use the hand gel at the sanitisation station before you leave the church.

Whilst we know that you will be happy to see your fellow parishioners, we would ask you to continue to respect social distancing and travel home immediately. If you have arrived by car, we would ask you to proceed directly to your vehicle.

Thank you for following these recommended guidelines and we are so very excited to see you back at St James the Great church.