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Youth Development Group

One such initiative is a development group which was set up some time ago and is headed up by Susan Longhurst, a Youth Leader for the Diocese.  The group consists of some adults and young people, who are post-Confirmation, and acts as a kind of ‘think tank’ for ideas, but has also arranged a number of great events and been involved in some important church events, namely:

  • Quiz Night
  • Youthly publication
  • Christmas Film Night
  • Advent Liturgy Service

The Film Night was particularly successful, and more of these are planned.

Faith in Action

Susan is also responsible for this annual initiative, which grows in numbers every year, and Archbishop Peter attended the Awards Ceremony on 11 November 2017 to distribute award badges and certificates; with some young people from our Parish.  Susan will be overseeing the 2019 Awards and members of the St James’ Youth Development Group will be assisting this year too.

Deanery Youth Club

This was set up in 2018, and meets at St Joseph’s Church in Bromley.  Again, members of the Youth Development Group have helped out at some of these sessions.

Junior Youth Group

This continues to go from strength to strength and meets every 3 weeks on a Saturday from 12.00 – 2.00pm during term time and is supported by parent helpers.  The target age group is Year 6-8 and has been an excellent means for St James’ pupils to stay together following the secondary school transition.  Activities include table tennis, games, lunch, outings, and a tuck shop.

Senior Youth Group

There are plans to create an inclusive senior group, and we are continuing to explore ways of developing what is felt to be a bit of a ‘gap in the market’.

Future events

Our ideas and suggestions for the Parish Youth Ministry Calendar include:

  • Another Quiz Night
  • Summer BBQ
  • Car Wash fundraiser
  • Bowling
  • Football Event


The Young Church Pillar functions as an over-arching umbrella to help all church groups, involved with children and young people, to flourish and develop different initiatives going forward.


The Young Church Pillar Lead can be contacted on