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Global Rosary Marathon for the end of the Pandemic!

Pope Francis is requesting that during this entire month of May 2021 the entire Church invoke the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary for the end of the pandemic and, in a special way, he has invited all of us to pray fervently for those most closely affected by it.

During each day of May, guided by a calendar with specific intentions, all the Shrines around the world, united in a communion of supplication, will lift up their prayers, which, like the fragrance of incense, will rise up to heaven. Thirty Marian Shrines will take turns leading this prayer throughout the Church and offering the faithful a series of prayer moments for them to participate throughout the entire day.

The highlight of the 30 days of prayer will be the Recitation of the Holy Rosary, prayed according to local traditions and customs, for the end of the pandemic and for the particular daily intention entrusted by Pope Francis, according to the directions provided in the Prayer Calendar.

It is important to emphasize that, in addition to the recitation of the Holy Rosary, Shrines, churches, individuals are invited to promote during the entire day other moments of prayer.

Before each act of worship, the celebrant should remind the faithful of the significance of this initiative, including an intention in the prayer of the faithful at Mass.  

Each Shrine or church should arrange for the participation of the faithful in the various celebrations proposed, following the health regulations in force, exhorting them also to pray in their own homes and families where attendance is impossible.

God bless you and thanks so much for promoting this important rosary and prayer marathon to end the pandemic. Ave Maria!

Help Unleash the Power of Catholic Hope & Prayer 

Just imagine the possibilities when the whole Church comes together in an organized fashion and moves as one body to spread hope, light and an end to the pandemic

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